Who is a CPD Provider

This is an institution, organization, or group of professionals that is accredited by Rwanda Health Professional Councils to develop and provide CPD activities as well as to issue certificates of CPD completion under the authority of the accrediting body. These CPD providers such as faculties of health sciences, specialty divisions of the Ministry of Health (MOH), health professionals or professional organizations/bodies (national and international) have the expertise to produce and assume responsibility for CPD activities at a local or national level. These providers often delegate the actual implementation of CPD to recognized CPD organizers that work under the direction of the CPD provider.

CPD Providers

No Names Website Telephone E-mail
1 RWANDA ANAESTHESIA ASSOCIATION (RAA) - 250788588986 mutalexis12@gmail.com
2 SMIR www.smir.org.rw 0788601261 habijeanfe@yahoo.fr
3 TOP UPGRADE LTD http://www.topuprwanda.com/ 250781448494 info@topuprwanda.com
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