Non-credit CPD Activities

  1. Time spent planning, organizing, or facilitating any activity.
  2. Published congress proceedings.
  3. Non-referenced letters to the editor of accredited journals.
  4. Daily ward rounds.
  5. Written assignments.
  6. Compilation of student training manuals for internal use.
  7. Staff and/or administrative meetings.
  8. Tours and/or viewing of exhibits and technological demonstrations.
  9. Membership in professional bodies.
  10. Holding a portfolio on the professional body’s executive or council structure.
  11. Presentations and publications for the public.
  12. Meetings arranged by pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers or importers of products and technical devices (including assistive device technology) or their representatives             purely for the purpose of marketing and/or promoting their products are not eligible for accreditation.
  13. Activities for the purpose of training in the use of company products or technological devices may be presented by arrangement with an accredited service provider.
  14. Lecturing or teaching if it is in your Terms of Reference (TOR)
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